Our commitment to quality started before 2006 and begun on the single notion of high quality, affordable



Manufacturing in Suzuki, Harley-Davidson, Peugeot &Yamaha partner factories enables us to have a leading

edge in the motorcycles & scooter market.


With over 400,000 parts available, 24 hour delivery,international shipping and comprehensive warranties

you can be assured that with Sinnis you are buyingreliability, practicality and worry-free riding day to day.




Sinnis have input at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure each bike meets strict criteria. Our Brighton based design team work alongside engineering and manufacturing to create your motorcycle or scooter. Once created, extensive testing is conducted by our in-house team over 1000 miles in all weather conditions and all terrains, with any improvements relayed back to manufacturing and design before production.






Sinnis offer a varied range of motorcycles and

scooters to meet individual rider tastes and



Whether it is a 200 mile trip in the mountains on

the Sinnis Terrain or a 10 mile commute to work

on a sunny day on your scooter, each of our

product sare designed with the rider in mind.