The World’s #1 Bike Show

Each year the team at Sinnis attend the EICMA show in Milan, which is widely renowned as the best bike show in the world. Aimed at releasing new models into the range and new brands into the market the Eicma show, for those that have never been, is an impressive display of everything from Yamaha and Ducati's new models, to the latest electric push bikes and Scooters to be launched into the worldwide market place.  Filling 6 to 8 halls, each one about the size of 3 football pitches the show is the largest in the world that is dedicated to Motorcycles and Scooters and even has small stands just dedicated to showing you the latest coloured sprockets, tech items and all mobility related items.

Visiting the show for just a day is frankly a pointless task, as it is so big that to see everything, (or at least everything of interest) you need to adorn your comfiest footwear and get your stomping legs on to cover the absolutely huge display of cool, and not so cool offerings from around the world. Indeed, even coming in via the East entrance at 9am is a good 3/4 mile walk before you get to the first hall - and then battle with huge amounts of press, traders and boiling air conditioning leaving you in need of a serious sleep at 6pm.

All in all, its a long way to go to see the latest items, and many UK Youtubers and bloggers cover the event so you can see all of the good stuff, from the comfort of your own room. It is something that I feel everyone that is into motorcycling should go to at least once in their life. There is a smaller show in Germany (Cologne) about a month before (normally October - Eicma is November) that is a bit nearer for us UK peoples, and many of the releases are also at this event. If you get the opportunity its well worth the trip - just to be surrounded in the environment is quite a feeling. There is literally something for everyone - not to mention the fact that both Eicma and the Cologne INTERMOT show are based in two of the most amazing cities in Europe, meaning once you leave the venue you can explore great cities with some amazing sites to see - ideal for those that ride to the event.

There is also a custom area at both shows for those interested in the best Choppers, Bobbers and custom motorcycles the world has to offer. Something close to my heart.

Generally the show is aimed at international sales however its definitely worth a visit if you have time, inclination or if you fancy going to the German show, the roads are amazing out that way. Perfect for riding. Hope you have enjoyed this little blog on the show/s.

Any questions let me know.