Mark Hoult - Sinnis Terrain 125


It's very torquey and easy to ride. The grip and balance gives you a lot of confidence and I still manage to keep up with traffic especially where I live, it's not often traffic gets up past 50mph in most areas. I'm also not worrying about filling it with costly oil and the fuel economy has been amazing, I'm getting well into 3 figures mpg. My father was impressed by the crash bars front and rear which probably influenced his decision to help me buy it and yes.... he steals it off me now and then!

Most of all I just enjoy the surprised look on peoples faces when I tell them it's a 125. If you want something sensible, reliable, safe and easy to practice for your motorbike license for at 17 then you can't go far wrong with the Sinnis Terrain

Reece Smithers – Sinnis Terrain 125


Hey guys, saw your Instagram post and thought i would message you guys with my story.
So when i turned 16 i got myself a 50cc moped, it wasn't made by you guys but that's not point the whole time i was 16 i loved your Sinnis Apache, and was craving one so badly. I was googling to find the perfect one for sale the whole time i was 16.

It was 3 months before my birthday... and i found this absolutely gorgeous Apache for sale for a solid £700. It was slightly modified and i fell in love with it. I contacted the seller and went to collect it next day (a 2 hour journey one way). I picked it up and i was absolutely ecstatic.
I had to wait 3 months until i could ride it, but when the day came, i rode for 12 hours that day and had to stop twice for petrol!

About 5 months went past and as much as i loved it, i was starting to think about a more mature bike, one that's less loud and has a better more comfortable seating position. At that point you guys announced the Sinnis Terrain. I loved the look of it, i even sat on one at my local dealer, it was exactly what i was looking for. Perfect seating position, looked big, rode smoothly, and it gave me more then enough reasons to buy one, so i did! Up until this day i have been riding it every day of every month. I absolutely love it, it gets a lot of attention and makes people so shocked when they find out its only a 125cc.

Thanks for your time guys and keep it up!
Ive also recommended your bikes to my mates who are looking into riding!

Nathan Gillam - Sinnis Terrain 125


Ok so I've had my Sinnis terrain since may (9 months).

I can happily say I'm very impressed by how much bike you get for your money, its boxes are surprisingly spacious and can fit a small trolly of shopping in. Hardly uses any fuel £15 of premium gets you easily 200 miles, very nimble and gives a lot of confidence through corners on and off-road. The new Efi systems makes it punchy and very handy having a USB charger on the dash for cameras, phone and vapes :D. Top speed on average is about 55-60 mph, which for it's weight and wind catching the boxes is great, and on the subject of wind, It's very stable even with lorrys been out in two "hurricanes" now..., and all I can say is look straight and she will stay true with minimal weaving through the lane. Filtering can be a bit daunting as the crash bars really give you a wider stance and takes a while to get use to but the bars are wider than the crash bars so there's no real difference it's just hard to get it through to your head. Brakes are brilliant even in the cold and has an upright position, so even as a commuter bike it is very comfortable and easy to ride. This bike won't let you down having an adventure.

Adventure Bike Rider

Everything’s neat, tidy and well finished, and there are a number of nice touches throughout, including a well-placed USB charging port, nicely positioned crash bars that do a great job of protecting the engine, bodywork and panniers if you drop it, and a screen that does a decent job of deflecting wind at the speeds you’re capable of travelling at on the Terrain