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So we managed to do it, a night where 5 of us were all free at the same time in an evening to go out on Sinnis bikes. The camera gear was packed, the Go-Pro’s were set and we had no idea where we were going.

Picture above of Thomas preparing the Go Pro’s in place to capture the ride on video.

We had:

  • Mike (Operations manager) - Scrambler
  • Carla ( Events management ) - Hoodlum
  • Thomas – ( Sales manager ) – Silver Terrain
  • Lily ( Marketing) - White RSX
  • Myself – Danny ( Photography and Graphic design ) – Red Terrain with extra large top box

My original thoughts were that I was going to be the slowest with all the extra camera gear on board the Terrain, but am happy to say how nippy the bike was in comparison with the other machines the team was riding.

Venturing through country lanes, main roads, towns and dual carriageways with the bikes; there was a proud moment when you get to see all the bikes you work on all day everyday smoothly steering round twisty lanes all perfect tune with the sun shining through.

Stopping off by a lake mid-venture to take some photos and before setting up the camera gear for a quick shoot.

When Thomas decided returned to the real world we managed to get very smart lifestyle images with the bikes.


In true biker fashion after a hard day at work hunger struck, and to get back onto the road we decided to leave and head towards a nearby pub called The Black Rabbit.

This pub was located close to a place called Arundel with a view of the castle, it was the perfect pit stop for our ride out.


All refreshed, all full of energy it was time to have some fun. Go Pro’s all turned on and we were ready to go! Knowing I would put the footage together for a lifestyle video I wanted to get something special, the sun was setting so I improvised and attached the Go Pro’s in all different weird places. My shoulder facing backwards was a good one here are some of the screenshots from the videos.


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