A glossary of motorcycle terms used on this website

Compulsory Basic Training

Electronic Fuel Injection

Combined braking system. The front brake is combined with the rear to ease braking force over the entire wheelbase of the vehicle

Fuel Injection

Engine Control Unit (Engine management)

Anti-Lock braking System. When the brake is applied harshly, a vehicle with ABS will prevent the tyres from locking up and skidding

Direct Access Scheme. A DAS test must be taken when riding over 125cc to ride larger capacity machines

All the gear, all the time. This term is used by riders who wear all of the protective equipment even if only riding a short journey. Safety is king

Mechanical or “non-digital”

Cubic centimetres. 1000cc  = 1 litre

A switch (normally located on the right handlebar mount) that when clicked, cuts all power to the electrics/engine.

Dual overhead Camshaft

Duel overhead valves

A motorcycle designed for on and off road use, however the focus is the road

An off road motorcycle used from trials or completion

Port in the carburettor which fuel flows through

Needle that controls fuel flow though the jet port

Ignition system (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)

(Carb) Mixes air and fuel together for combustion

Constant Variable Transmission is a scooter transmission (generally). Using a belt to control one continuous gear.

High revving engine that only has two movements in the piston cycle (high pollution)

(Most modern engines) Lower revving and four movements in the piston cycle

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