Sinnis at Overland 2018

September saw the Sinnis team Me (Mike G) Thomas, and Ben at the Overland event in Oxford, a show dedicated to those who travel on two wheels.

We took some of our 125cc Terrains to the show and allowed demo rides on the bikes to all those interested - and it went down very successfully.

Also taking a Scrambler and a Hoodlum with us, we were amazed at the amount of interest the bikes got over the three-day long weekend - with all of the Terrains, the Hoodlum and Scrambler booked out for test rides all day.

As well as demo rides we decided to give a Terrain over for people to use on the skills/assault course. The bike was very well received due to its light weight when picking up - something that I personally didn't realise is a constant chore to serious adventure riders, who often tackle totally uneven ground, rocks and waterways on a daily basis. .

During the weekend there were videos, talks and live bands not to mention a display area for very famous bikes in the adventure sector owned by people like Derek Mansfield, Teapot one and Ed March from Cub90 fame. (If you don't know them - well worth a Google) - it was great to spend the weekend chatting about adventures on bikes and listening to peoples stories - which seriously inspire.

I must admit we had a great time, and whilst we were working it felt more like a really cool camping weekend than any form of work (don't tell the boss). Joining us we also had Michelle from Szpak photography too - who also got into the camping spirit and enjoyed some of the last few days of summer with us

All in all, this was an awesome fun time and we met some current Sinnis owners who made our day complete. I highly advise you to sign up for next years event, and camp with us if you like. Once the lights go down, the beer tent opens up and the fun continues.

Check out some of the photos from the weekend

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