Stephen Quinn – Sinnis RSX 125


I would rate Sinnis 5/5 for many reasons, your customer support is outstanding, any questions i have had regarding my bike has been answered very promptly and professionally. I bought my RSX 125 as my first bike after much consideration looking into the many manufacturers and reviews out there, i have so far covered a lot of the central belt of Scotland and look forward to exploring places in the new year, overall a brilliant bike and for the price brand new, a bargain for the machine you receive in turn.

Richard Bolton – Sinnis RSX 125


I’ve recently returned to riding after a 15-year break. I wanted a naked commuter to cover the 60-mile round trip to work. The RSX caught my eye in white and red, but then I found out that midnight purple is in fact, black, and I was sold. The bike itself is reliable (so far at least 2 and a half months in) it’s very cheap on fuel and will hold 60 to 65 on the flat. It’s not going to win any races, but it makes up for it in looks and fun. You can’t ride it without smiling. All in all, for the price it’s an excellent bike. The only drawback is the short intervals between services. Forget what you think you know about Chinese motorcycles, Sinnis are well made, reasonably priced and above all fun.

Ryan Morey – Sinnis RSX 125


I can't stop going on about how great the RSX is, hadn't really done any long days out on the bike until yesterday for mayday where I ended up doing about 150 miles maybe more and all the while the RSX didn't miss a beat and gave me a nice smooth ride

Stuart Wicker 


I just love my new Sinnis RSX 125! Here are some photos. I took my first ride on her today and as my first geared motorcycle it was great to ride, no vibrations from the gearbox and that exhaust sounds great too! And the combined braking and front ABS give me a lot of confidence out on the road today for the first time on a geared motorcycle!   Cannot wait to ride her for a longer trip tomorrow!