A glossary of motorcycle terms used on this website

CBT – Compulsory Basic Training

EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection

CBS – combined braking system. The front brake is combined with the rear to ease braking force over the entire wheelbase of the vehicle

FI – Fuel Injection

ECU – Engine Control Unit (Engine management)

ABS – Anti-Lock braking System. When the brake is applied harshly, a vehicle with ABS will prevent the tyres from locking up and skidding

DAS – Direct Access Scheme. A DAS test must be taken when riding over 125cc to ride larger capacity machines

ATGATT – All the gear, all the time. This term is used by riders who wear all of the protective equipment even if only riding a short journey. Safety is king

Analog – Mechanical or “non-digital”

CC – Cubic centimetres. 1000cc  = 1 litre

Cut off or kill, switch – A switch (normally located on the right handlebar mount) that when clicked, cuts all power to the electrics/engine.

DOHC – Dual overhead Camshaft

DOHV – Duel overhead valves

Dual Sport – A motorcycle designed for on and off road use, however the focus is the road

Enduro – An off road motorcycle used from trials or completion

Jet – Port in the carburettor which fuel flows through

Needle Jet – Needle that controls fuel flow though the jet port

CDI – Ignition system (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)

Carburettor – (Carb) Mixes air and fuel together for combustion

CVT – Constant Variable Transmission is a scooter transmission (generally). Using a belt to control one continuous gear.

2 Stroke – Hi revving engine that only has two movements in the piston cycle (high pollution)

4 stroke – (Most modern engines) Lower revving and four movements in the piston cycle