Batman Character Impersonator Sports a Dastardly Sinnis Machine

Joker's Sinnis Heist

A Joker lookalike has modified his 2014 Sinnis Heist to look like a bike out of the comics.

We spoke to 34-year-old Michael Edmunds, who regularly attends conferences and events in full costume on his Sinnis machine. He was happy to tell us about his bike and its modifications.

“It’s a 64-plate Sinnis Heist. I got the bike in black, then decided to change it into a bike version of the 1966 Batmobile.

I looked at the Batmobile then tried to emulate it with the style of the bike. I changed the indicators, added pinstriped red tape to the frame, fender and headlamp. I custom cut the bat logos from vinyl sheets. The shape of the bike already suited the theme.

I use the bike for various fundraising events, comic cons and photoshoots as I both act and entertain as the joker–I vary between Nicholson’s joker and 1966 one. I go to at least 6 comic conventions a year and people always comment on the bike.”

We’re loving Michaels mods and his look. It’s great to see how the bike has evolved.

If you’ve dressed up your bike for Halloween, let us know!

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Have a spooky day!

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