Why Buy Sinnis?

Our commitment to quality started before 2006 and begun on the single notion of high quality, affordable transportation. Manufacturing in Suzuki, Harley-Davidson, Peugeot & Yamaha partner factories enables us to have a leading edge in the motorcycles & scooter market.

With over 400,000 parts available, 24 hour delivery, international shipping and comprehensive warranties you can be assured that with Sinnis you are buying reliability, practicality and worry-free riding day to day.

Why Buy Sinnis

Sinnis offer a varied range of motorcycles and scooters to meet individual rider tastes and styles. Whether is a 200 mile trip in the mountains on the Sinnis Terrain or a 10 mile commute to work on a sunny day on your scooter, each of our products are designed with the rider in mind.

Sinnis Testing


Sinnis have input at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure each bike meets strict criteria. Our Brighton based design team work alongside engineering and manufacturing to create your motorcycle or scooter.

Once created extensive testing is conducted by our in-house team over 1000 miles in all weather conditions and all terrains, with any improvements relayed back to manufacturing and design before production.

Customer Service

Customer support is on hand to assist with any enquiries and in the unlikely event of any issues. All Sinnis 125cc scooters and motorcycles come with a 24-month warranty and 50cc's come with a 12-month warranty, with optional, additional coverage provided by your Sinnis dealer. Once you have purchased your new Sinnis machine we would like to invite you to come join Sinnis Owner's club, follow our social media to keep up with news and events and send us your pictures.



2006 - Founded in Brighton and opened the first Sinnis shop

2006 - Partnership formed with Jinan Qingqi, Suzuki partner and release of the Max and Apache

2006 - The first dealers in the UK join the Sinnis Team


2007 - Apache becomes a success. Additional warehousing in Laughton is bought

2007 - Begin importing scooters from the Peugeot Partner in China


2008 - Release of the Sinnis Stealth, Blade and other models


2010 - Sinnis break the 1000 model sales target. Jinan Qingqi break the 1 million world wide sales mark


2011 - The Apache is the first bike to cross the finish line on the Mongolia Rally


2013 - Over 100 dealers in the network UK wide


2015 - Sinnis Cafe and SP125 Riders for Health 3200 miles, 6 countries in 6 days challenge completed


2016 - A partnership is formed with Piaggio and Harley partners Zongshen

2016 - Sinnis' new headquarters in Southwick, Brighton

2016 - Sinnis Scrambler and Retrostar 250 ride to Isle of Man for TT Classic Event and ride home 1200 miles in 3 days


2017 - Release EFI models including Terrain, taken to Wales and Off-Road testing

2017 - Sinnis have over 135 dealers in UK, Malta, Slovakia and Poland


2018 - Dealer News Industry Award Winners 2018


Anyone who buys a product whether it’s a Motorcycle, Moped, car or something from a high street shop, does not expect problems. Unfortunately, rarely there is the odd teething issue with any product in the vehicle world and so we have put in place an extremely comprehensive warranty to ensure that you are affected as little as possible and you can rest assured that in the unlikely event of a problem, we will look after you as quickly and as professionally as possible.

We have faith in our products, which is why we put a minimum of two years warranty on all new 125cc and 250cc machines. Not only this, our servicing schedule is not as binding as competitors, with 1000km first service rather than just 160miles like many other brands insist on, but try to keep quiet about when you are buying your bike.

For 50cc Scooters and Mopeds we offer a minimum of 1 years warranty, as they are generally used less than a 125cc or 250cc. Our superb dealer network of over 130 dealers in the UK are there to help you, and some even offer in excess of our minimum warranty, to put your mind more at rest if you feel it’s important.

In all cases we always advise that you buy your new Sinnis from your local Sinnis dealer, to ensure any minor problems that may occur are taken care of quickly and with as small an impact on your life as possible.