Can a Scrambler scramble?

How good is the Scrambler at Scrambling?

Even though here at Sinnis we test our bikes for hundreds of miles before releasing them to the general public we do actually like to go out and enjoy them. So we took the Sinnis Scrambler out and pushed it through its paces in some off road style scramblin’.

Starting at our head office in Brighton we first kept it easy on smooth roads, the scrambler certainly didn’t disappoint when it came to providing everything you need from a bike so we needed to mix it up a bit, push it to see how it handles down dusty side roads, muddy tracks and uneven surfaces

First place, Mill Hill Shoreham, although it doesn’t exactly look off road or uneven the dusty side roads made a great starting point for our Scrambler. Going from main roads to the unmarked country lanes you had to obviously be more careful, watching out for gravel, pedestrians, cyclists, and of course pot holes and muddy surfaces. To be honest we were expecting a bit of slipping and sliding, 125cc’s and going down gravel roads usually aren’t a good mix however the scramblers off road style knobbly tyres worked a treat, the bike skimmed over the rougher road as easy as tarmac and after 10 minutes completely forgot I wasn’t even on a main road we were so comfortable.

Sinnis Scrambler 125

The Real test -

Knowing this was an easy test for the Scrambler it was time to go more off road...

Reaching the end of Mill Hill we approached this.... 

Going straight into cobble roads, giant pot holes, uneven surfaces and sharp stones sticking out that could cause punctures we felt this was a good place to test its capabilities, keeping it slow avoiding round the pot holes and powering over the cobbles the scrambler surprised even me on this one. All i could think of when riding down this road was how much other bikes would be sliding around and struggling, the off road tyres gave plenty of tread depth and ground coverage to absorb the impact of the stones and was so impressed we had no other option than to take some photos of the Scrambler in its element.

Even though this was only a short test it was an enjoyable one, next time I think we need to get the scrambler muddy, take it through some puddles, go abit more off road and show you guys that the bike may look like a classic, but it’s certainly capable of taking you anywhere you want to go. With its Knobbly tyres, Electronic Fuel Injection, Combined Braking system, twin shock rear suspension, titanium heat wrapped exhaust and much more this beauty really was an impressive piece of kit.

We have included 2 External Video reviews by TheMissendenFlyer of the Sinnis Scrambler so you can take a look for yourselves at the Scrambler in action 

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