A NIU lifestyle the vegan way, with Romy

Tuesday the 26th March 2019

It was a bright sunny morning and we at Sinnis HQ invited Romy – vegan food and lifestyle blogger – down from London to come and check out the latest in earth-kind travel, our NIU electric scooters.  With an impressive online following, Romy has been sharing delicious recipes, travel tips and lifestyle stories since first becoming vegan in 2014. Having reached out to her about our revolutionary scooters, she was excited to come and see them for herself.

After we gave Romy ‘the tour’ of our HQ in Southwick, Brighton, we went to the acclaimed Brighton (vegan) restaurant Food for Friends. Then after some amazing food, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know Romy a little more by asking her a few questions:

Are you a qualified chef? Where has your cooking experience come from?

Thank you so much. All of my cooking skills, if you choose to call them that, basically just come from practising. Yes, mainly just practice. With a degree in photography, I have a good eye what looks good and what doesn’t. Also figuring out what flavours go together is really just trial and error. Along the way,  I’ve probably had a couple of horrible dishes as well, but nobody gets to see them. At the end of the day, people see the images of my food, they don’t usually get to taste it, haha. I don’t have any professional experience when it comes to cooking.

Who are your idols / who inspires you?

Oh gosh, I’d say I have quite a lot of influences when it comes to cooking. I follow a lot of other food bloggers online, so I would definitely say my inspiration is other food bloggers. Photography as well. I’ve seen some amazing photography. Some people are probably also more professional having been in the business longer than me, so you automatically aspire to be able to do, what they do. I think one of the first people I followed online, who really inspired me to start putting my food pictures online was Lauren Toyota from Canada. She was an MTV Canada presenter and went on to create her own cooking channel on YouTube called Hot for Food – that was one of the very first ones that I watched online. Also one of the first that inspired me to start putting my pictures out there. Definitely a great inspiration.

Electric vehicles promote a positive earth-kind lifestyle – how do you think they’ll be received by the vegan community?

I think the vegan community is slightly shifting, to expand outside of just food. It's the same for me when I turned vegan 5 years ago. The first year I just looked at eating, then after that I started looking more at other aspects of life. In the same way I think everyone has their own journey though. It’s not like someone is 100% ethical and sustainable – I honestly don’t think anyone really is. Everybody is just on a journey and that’s expanding into more and more things. I think we had a boost in veganism 2-3 years ago now, so I think all of those people who were vegan back then, are now at the point where they are branching out and starting to look at more aspects of their life than just what’s in their fridge. So I think it’s really good timing to promote sustainable and ethical bikes, or in general, lifestyle products, as it will be welcomed by the kind of people who have made this decision in the past. Also, when people are looking at the aspect of the environment (and there are multiple reasons why people might be vegan. It might be because they think it’s better for their health, they want to do it for the animals or for environmental reasons) but there are also lots of people who aspire to be vegan who are not quite there yet, but they still care about the planet. Perhaps people who re-use plastic or reduce carbon emissions. I think it’s really good because these bikes speak to both audiences; the vegans, plus those really interested in sustainability. I think it fits right in there.

Our NIU scooters are very popular across Europe’s. How is the vegan culture growing in our neighbouring countries?

Because I live in the UK, I can only really speak for the UK, but I see there are a lot of vegans in Germany. For example, I grew up in Germany so have a connection to it. I know there are still a couple of countries up and coming on the vegan scene. France doesn’t have a big vegan scene yet, neither do the Netherlands. You do struggle when you go there, to find places that provide vegan food for example – one of the areas you can tell when you compare the bigger cities to each other.  Germany is definitely at the forefront. Austria as well. Italy is slowly starting, they have lots of Italian things that are naturally vegan and they’ve started publicising this now. I think it’s generally in the last 5-7 years that it has grown massively. When you see the figures, it’s a huge expansion. Nowadays there are ten times as many vegans as there were ten years ago. Not just in one country, but all over the globe.

What would be your favourite dish for a night in with the girls?

One of my absolute favourite dishes is peanut noodles. I call it ‘peanut noodles’, other people might call it ‘........... satay’ or something. It’s basically just noodles with a peanut sauce, veggies and crispy peanuts on the top. It’s super quick and easy to create as well. Everyone I have made it for has been obsessed with it, so it’s a good one. – ED

From the restaurant and with full bellies, we returned to Sinnis HQ for Romy to have a ‘play’ on our NIU range. After an introduction and familiarisation to each of the NIU models, Romy took an instant love to our blue NIU M+ while zooming around our grounds, with a huge smile on her face.

Follow Romy’s adventures on the super efficient, clean-energy NIU throughout the summer as she will be spreading the word on why electric is the future of vegan travel.

You can visit Romy’s website: at www.romylondonuk.com and check out her Instagram page on @romylondonuk

For more information on the NIU electric scooters, please visit: www.niu.com/en/

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