Jason’s Story

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Jason’s Story

BOMBER 125cc

Jason's Rider Story

What Sinnis motorcycle do you own?

The Sinnis Bomber 125cc.

How did you start riding?

I have always loved motorbikes, ever since I was a kid. I passed my car driving test but could not have a bike while I still lived at home. Once I had my own flat I took my CBT and then my full motorcycle test on a hired bike. 

Things were much more simple then. You could take your test on a 125 and that was that, you had a full license. During my test, as the examiner followed me, I rode over a plank of wood which was covering half the width of the road. I thought that I had blown it at that point. Once we were back at the test centre the examiner was asking me a few questions (there was no theory test as such back then, just a few questions). He asked me what I should look out for on the road. I said the obvious things, like diesel, oil, mud and wet leaves. “What about planks of wood?” He asked, trying not to laugh. 

Luckily he passed me and I went straight out on the Kawasaki Z250 I had waiting at home for me in my shed. I had bought it a few weeks before in the hope I would pass. Although it was in great condition I had stripped it down and cleaned and polished every last part. I also had the seat recovered in leather.

I think once motorbikes are in your blood they never really go, even if you take a little break from them now and then.

Tell us about your best trip?

I have owned all types of motorbikes; big, small, sports bikes, classic scooters, twist and go scooters, cruisers, motocrossers – pretty much everything.

I’ve learnt that you can enjoy any bike, and that sometimes the less appropriate it is for the job in hand the more fun it is. I used to attend several classic scooter rallies a year, but by far the best trip was always in May when my friend and I would ride from Southend in Essex to Newquay in Cornwall for a two day scooter rally. None of our usual riding group would join us on this one and I can kind of understand why. Over 600 miles round trip on a Vespa for a weekend of partying is quite a commitment, but it was always a good excuse to have a REALLY good weekend there.

One year, instead of riding there in one hit, we stopped for the night in Salisbury. Our trip had coincided with the release of the latest Star Wars film and we had booked tickets for the premier. Salisbury is a lovely town, where we spent the afternoon eating and drinking in the sun before heading off to see The Phantom Menace. Then back to the B&B for sleep and a huge breakfast before setting off again towards Cornwall. As always, Bodmin Moor was bleak, wet and cold. Quiet eerie actually. But we made it there earlier than usual and had a brilliant couple of days before striking out for the 300 + mile ride home.

Why did you choose Sinnis?

My wife and I have both been riding bikes for many, many years. After my daughter was born we took a bit of a break from riding and sold our bikes, they just were not getting much use.

Pretty soon the bug bit again. As we were only intending on getting one bike between us it needed to be light (as my wife is quite short and finds lighter bikes easier to move around at slow speed and when parking, etc). It also needed to be big enough to be comfortable for me and we both wanted a bike that looked good. When we first saw the Sinnis Cafe we were really blown away by the quality and style for such a reasonable price. So, that was that and we were back on two wheels. The Cafe had the presence and feel of a much larger bike, but was easy for my wife to manage. It also had one of the most precise gearboxes I have ever used.

That got us back into biking and I bought a larger bike (a Harley Davidson) so that I could take my daughter on the back and we could all go out together. Whilst out, at a Harley event, my wife saw a Sportster which seemed to be low enough for her to be happy with, despite its weight. We were offered a really good price on the Cafe against it, so briefly we were a two-Harley family. 

My wife never really got on well with that bike though. Before long it was sold. When we were looking for a new bike for my wife to use to commute to work and so that we could all attend events as a family we wanted something reliable, light, stylish and with big bike looks and presence. The Cafe was no longer being produced, but the new Bomber was ideal. We already knew and liked the Sinnis brand and the updates from the Cafe to the Bomber have really improved it. It’s a stunning looking bike which gets loads of attention and the fuel injection is much better than the older carburetor, particularly when the engine is cold.

The build quality is well above the price point and the Bomber offers amazing value for money.

What advice do you have for new riders?

There are a few pieces of advice which I think are really important for new riders:

1) Drive a car for a while, even if it is just as a learner. Car drivers need to be aware of bikers, but it really helps if you realise how hard a bike can be to see for a driver. If you know this you can ride with that in mind and understand where their blind spots are.

2) Buy a bike that you are comfortable riding. I’ve made the mistake of buying bikes I like the look or image of, but which did not really fit me right. Any bike that you are happy riding will be fun and be able to do pretty much anything you want it to.

3) Choose your riding gear carefully. Make sure it is right for your needs. Will it be for riding in the rain? Will it be cool enough in the summer? Will you have to walk around in it all day, or will you get changed at your destination?

4) Take your bike’s security seriously. Try to have multiple levels of security in place to make your bike less attractive to thieves and harder to steal.

How could Sinnis improve as a company?

We have been really happy with Sinnis and the dealings we have had with the company (through our dealer). The online presence and stories have been interesting and fun too.

The bikes are really high quality and feel solid. Once you consider the price it is hard to see what competition there is! 

It would be nice to see some larger capacity engines in more of the smaller bikes. A 250cc or 300cc Bomber would be really good fun and would be that little bit more relaxed on faster roads, while still being manageable for smaller people.