Sam’s Story

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Sam’s Story

hoodlum 125cc

Sam's Rider

In today’s rider story we’re showcasing Sam Attwood, who is a through and through rider. In his spare time he enjoys modifying his Sinnis Hoodlum. His bike is definitely one of the best examples of how customising your bike can refresh it that we’ve seen.

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The orange really makes it pop, complementing the matt black details. You can definitely tell that he’s injected his personality into the bike by adding net panniers and modern cafe racer style bar-end mirrors.

How Did You Start Riding?

It all began when my friend and I lived in South London. We got talking one day and everything spiralled from there. Finally, we challenged each other to gain our full bike licenses.

While still in the process, I’m enjoying my 125cc as much as possible. Hopefully once everything goes back to normal I can take the exam. The end goal is to take lots of touring trips within the UK and abroad and experience what real freedom feels like

What's Been Your Best Trip?

I’ve ridden my Hoodlum about 4 times between Nottingham and South London. I can definitely say that the first trip was by far the most enjoyable one.

I was riding from London northwards. It was a bright day of January and the winter sun was lighting up the A-roads. The lanes were quite icy, the sky was clear and it felt great to be out on curved country roads. I experienced what aspiring bikers imagine riding would feel like. 

The sense of achievement was overwhelming when I finally arrived to my local country pub at the end of my journey. Although the locals doubted me when I told them how far I’ve come from, as I proudly displayed my L plates.

What advice do you Have For New Riders?

Don’t rush to upgrade to a big bike. Most of the important and fun parts of learning are on country roads, with your friends. It doesn’t require the speed you can achieve with high-capacity motorbikes.

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Why Did You Choose Sinnis?

When I thought about buying a bike, I decided I’d like my first one to be something that I could hold on to – let’s say like part of a lifelong collection. Sinnis seemed an obvious choice as they have the best 125cc motorcycle range.

The Hoodlum met all my criteria. A comfortable bike, good looking and larger than most 125cc motorbikes. It’s comfortable for country cruising, but small enough to hop on and zip through London when I’m not feeling the train. The price was another drawing point. I could purchase a brand-new & reliable motorcycle for the price of a second-hand model from other competitors.

How could Sinnis improve as a company?

Overall, as I previously mentioned, Sinnis is one of the very few companies that manufacture efficient and reliable machines that are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable at the same time. 

I would say that Sinnis could look at improving its official/authorised aftermarket products. A fair amount of Sinnis owners like to customise their bikes but find that they have to source third-party generic parts which often don’t fit the bikes easily.

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