Kieran’s Story

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Kieran’s Story

This week, Kieran told us about his Hoodlum.

Tell us about your bike.

I own a Sinnis Hoodlum. It’s a beautiful machine. I use it every day – gets me from A to B, rides like a dream and it’s extremely eye-catching. I’m planning on riding up to Scotland in July and I’m excited to see how my little beast is going to handle the trip. I’ve customised it a bit by replacing the handlebars with some sleek, chrome T Drag bars to give it a more aggressive styling. Now it looks like a much bigger bike.

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How did you get into riding?

A while ago, I found myself having to move out of the town I worked in. Getting around by car was out of the question as I hadn’t passed my exam yet. Finally, I decided to take a look at motorcycles. The first time I saw the Hoodlum online, I fell in love, so I went down to my local garage. The Hoodlum I now own was just sitting there, looking at me. Without thinking twice, I bought it and never looked back since. I travel 30 miles to and from work every day – it has never let me down.

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Why did you choose Sinnis?

I did my research on Sinnis, plus my local garage recommended the brand, as they look after them on a regular basis.

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Tell us about your best trip.

The best trip I’ve had so far was all around the North Yorkshire Moors. It has the most spectacular views. The roads are pretty great too – especially for cruising along, which the Hoodlum handles beautifully. Every time I stopped near other people heads would turn towards my bike. It was great to see how intrigued people were by it.

Why do you love riding?

I would say it’s the freedom, the road, the sound of the engine. There’s nothing like getting lost in the bends with just the roar of your bike and the thoughts in your head. You can get to places where cars can’t, see views you couldn’t from car windows. But my utmost favourite part is being part of the rider community. It doesn’t matter if you ride a 50cc or a 1000cc, everyone is brilliant and great to talk to.


What have you learned about life from riding?

One truth I’ve learnt is that unfortunately, not everyone appreciates bikes as much as some of us do. Other than that, I’ve learnt that in order to get what you want, you have to do it yourself – and do it as soon as possible. If I hadn’t gone out and committed to buying a bike, I would have never ridden. I would have missed out on this amazing life.