Girts’ Story

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Girts’ Story

This week, Girts told us about his modified Heist

Tell us about your bike.

It’s a Sinnis Heist. I found it through my coworker. He mentioned that he has a bike and it’s been sitting in his house for quite long. I got in touch with the owner and.. it turned out that the bike hasn’t been touched for about 4 years. After negotiating, I took it back home to East Worthing.

I changed the brakes (both calipers, brake lines, front master cylinder), de-rusted the petrol tank, changed the battery, put some different handlebars and levers, changed the seals in the forks.

I got three advisories on the MOT – small play in rear bearing, front wheel slightly buckled and exhaust louder than the threshold.

Since then, the bike has undergone a few modifications – ape hanger handlebars, LED turn signals, brake lights, headlight bulb, rear fender, Sissy Bar and King and Queen Seat. The tank is raised at the front, the speedo is attached to front tank mount. I eliminated the stock handlebar controls and put custom turnsignal/horn/high-low beam on the left and starter button on the right hand side. I added a straight pipe with a small baffle, hand guards, headlight wind deflector from a HD Sportster and a Pentagram Headlight Grill. The frame engine and wheels are stock.

My future plans include completely redoing the wiring, swapping the rear wheel to an 16″ one, and when I’ll get full licence to putting a 2V49FMM engine in, but that’s a story of its own..

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Why do you love riding?

Because of the ability to go anywhere I want & lane-splitting is also a huge bonus. I commute between Worthing and Brighton and it has saved me substantial amounts of time. Most importantly, the feeling you have when you’re riding – indeed, it’s like therapy.

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Would you advise car drivers to buy a motorcycle?

Get riding! When you’re in a car, you get a false sense of safety because you’re surrounded with some metal. People use cars more like couches. They’re on their phones at the traffic lights, not paying attention to the road, whereas, if you’re on a bike, your senses sharpen.

What would your advice be for new riders who want to customise their bikes?

Start small, get a feel for what you’re doing and don’t be scared. It depends, of course, on how technically-minded you are as a person. It took me about 3 months to get my bike up to a road legal level.

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Why did you choose Sinnis?

It was the only 125cc factory hardtail motorcycle that I knew of.

What does your motorcycle symbolise to you?

I see myself in it – shows my personality

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