Charlie’s Story

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Charlie’s Story

This week, Charlie told us about offroading on his Apache SMR.

How did you find your bike?

Well, I was looking for a bike because I had an AJS before and it packed up on me. I went to work at my mates’ house and he had this bike dumped at the back of the garage. I asked him how much, he said around a grand, and I got him down to nine-hundred quid. I sorted it all out, got it serviced (already had an MOT because it’s like 3 years old), and I haven’t stopped riding it since.        

Why did you want an Apache SMR?

I chose the bike because I’d already had a go on my mates’ supermotos and the style of the Apache was exactly what I wanted. You feel higher up on a supermoto, which means you can lean as much as you want even though it’s not a race bike, you know, throw it around.

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The Apache is also super lightweight, so it’s easy to pootle about town and get around traffic. I’ve put a Toro exhaust on it as well, so now it sounds amazing.

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What’s your advice to new riders?

Don’t crash. Don’t take corners too fast. Enjoy it.

How do you use your bike?

To and from work and then just riding for the fun of it. I like going up to Berry Hill, winding around the country roads. I often go Brighton way. There’s a road up by Storrington that’s got a few houses on it, but it’s mainly fields, so a lot of tractors going down it. It’s sloppy, it’s muddy as hell. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve ridden offroad a lot on bigger bikes, in the outback in Australia, doing like 8 hours straight. There are loads of great roads around my area I can use for offroading to keep it up here.

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What do you love about your Sinnis?

Great value for money, easy to ride and stunning to look at. What’s not to love?

How did you end up going to Australia?

I had a crazy ex-girlfriend, so I ran away to the other side of the world. My brother lives there, and so does my cousin. I just ended up going offroading with my cousin’s other half, taking the bikes through the outback. We chatted through the night, camping, then woke up and did another day of travelling. We went through puddles up to our waists. If you got stuck in one of those it was a lot of fun trying to get back out.

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