Andy’s Story

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Andy’s Story

Andy told us about his 40-mile commute, riding to commemorate his dad, and eating fish and chips in Whitby.

Tell us about your bike.

I’m the proud owner of a 2018 Sinnis Terrain. I bought it from a local Sinnis dealer here in Hull, PMW Motors. I’ve had it for about 16 months. I use it for my 40-mile daily commute to and from work, and on weekends in all weathers. It’s ideal for what I want out of a bike. It’s great around town in rush hour and great in the country. It has that upright riding position, which I find very comfortable. I get it serviced regularly and wash it religiously every Sunday morning after doing the weekly oil, brake, and chain maintenance. I’ve left it as it came, no enhancements of any kind. I like it as it is. It’s just passed the 8000-mile mark and never let me down. Great bike.

What was your first bike?

My first bike was a Honda Camino PA50 – a moped, it was awful. I was 16 and I bought it off a mate when I started work. I only had it a month or so. It was stolen from my parents’ garden, so Mum and Dad bought me a Yamaha FS1-E, my first geared bike. I had that for about a year, that was also nicked. I loved that bike. I’ve loved the smell of a 2-stroke ever since. ust riding around, then I started going around with them – learning all the tricks and techniques, wheelieing and that. I bumped into a stunt team and they showed me a few things on the track. We used to have a little airstrip near us and I used to practice there – that was like three years ago, near Shoreham airport. I just became attached to my Apache. It was so easy to throw around – perfect for learning how to handle a two-wheeler.


Tell us about your best trip.

It was this summer actually – kind of a sad/happy trip. A year to the day since my dad passed away on the 29th of June 2018. He rode bikes too – old BSA’s. I set off just after midnight for Wheeldale Gill, right on top of the North Yorkshire Moors, to watch the sunrise. It’s not far from where my dad was born. I’ve done that ride loads of times over the years. The weather was great, so I spent the rest of that day riding the moors – Wheeldale, Farndale, and Rosedale.

What’s your favourite route?

Hull to Whitby – the inland route is way better than the coastal road. I did Hull to Wetwang, stopping off at Fimber Bike Cafe for a cuppa. Then I went on to Malton, Pickering, then over the top of the North York Moors, past the Hole of Horcum and R.A.F Fylingdales (which is sadly no longer there). Then, I went onto Whitby for fish and chips, along some great twisty lanes – it’s not too busy if you go early enough.

Why do you love riding?

It’s the old cliche – freedom and feeling the wind in your hair. And it’s more than that. I enjoy being and riding alone, getting on my bike and just going. Now I can pack my one-man tent for a weekend camping by bike. I love stopping off at cafes on the way, meeting like-minded bikers.

What’s your best advice for new riders?

Be safe, invest in and wear the right gear, especially your lid. Always be aware that you are vulnerable. Don’t take it for granted that everyone on the road sees you. I ride a fair bit in the dark, so I know it’s important to make yourself visible. Wear plenty of reflective gear – none of that riding in shorts or without gloves – even if you’re just popping down to the corner shop. It ain’t worth it. I cringe when I see kids on mopeds not dressed appropriately. Most of all, buy that bike you want and enjoy the ride. The roads are there to be ridden.

Go for it.