Adam’s Story

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Adam’s Story

This week, Adam told us about the Sinnis ST he bought as a commuter bike but now goes everywhere he does.

Tell us about your bike.

I ride my Sinnis ST 125. Everything is standard on the bike but it doesn’t bother me! I love the look of it and how much of a fantastic bike it is to ride. Even if it’s just to the shop or to work, I’m always smiling when I’m out on the ST.

How did you get into riding?

I have always been into motorbikes. When I was 7, my dad bought me a mini pit bike, that’s what made me decide to eventually get a bigger machine.

I had always been a passenger on my dad’s bike, so it was in my blood to get on the road. I left it a bit late to do my CBT, but it was well worth it once I did, and now riding is my favourite thing ever.

What was your first bike?

My first bike is my Sinnis ST 125, which I bought to commute, but now I take everywhere.

Tell us about your favourite route.

My favourite route has got to be my Wednesday ride-outs. There’s a motorbike meetup I attend. We go from Southborough to Wrotham and it’s nothing but countryside all the way.

Why do you love motorcycling?

The reason I love riding a motorbike is the freedom you get to have, the smile it gives you. You feel on top of the world when the wind is in your face and you have the respect of other riders, no matter what bike you have! It doesn’t matter if you ride on your own or go with your friends.

What’s your advice for beginner riders?

My advice for new riders is to watch out for car drivers. A lot of them won’t be looking out for you! Always make careful decisions on your journeys. Always be aware of cars that could pull out on you. Never show off, it’s not worth it.

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