Sinnis Goes Camping

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Sinnis Goes Camping

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to take some time out of the office to do what we love most – ride motorcycles.

Danny, Thomas and I decided to take our favourite Sinnis bikes out on the road for an impromptu camping adventure in the woods. Danny chose the Scrambler 125, Thomas the Terrain 125 and I chose the Hoodlum for our little road trip, and so without further ado, we mounted up with the tent, groundsheets and supplies and headed up the A24 to find a suitable camping spot.


We actually found our campsite early on in the proceedings and we couldn’t rate it highly enough. Blackberry wood campsite is actually not that far from our HQ in Brighton, but when you are there it seems like a million miles from anywhere. If you go, check out the tree houses, the helicopter camping unit and the coolest Airstream we have seen.  (Free plug http://blackberrywood.com/) So we decided to head there, set up and then take out the Go Pro’s, and Cameras for a long ride in the country.


After we had ridden for some miles I discovered the “not so great” benefits of an open face Biltwell helmet, in the English countryside in Summer – where the insects are out in force.  I had to stop and wash my face of a thousand insectiod vermin before continuing on our jolly, ahem I mean working day out. 

sinnis hoodlum camping off road
sinnis hoodlum camping gear packed up

Heres a little mash-up video we made: https://youtu.be/Ren4zMyb0cY 

So when the evening came by we decided to light up the fire and start working on some night time shooting around our campsite with some torches and smoke grenades.

sinnis hoodlum camping
sinnis hoodlum camping gear
Sinnis hoodlum rider off road
sinnis hoodlum banner

After a short sleep, it was morning again and time to pack up and head to work.

All in all, it was great fun and a much-needed break from the office at Sinnis.  We shot a video which we will release later in the year and we got some pretty cool shots – but mainly we took and 3 bikes, had some good laughs and had a great time – all within about 30 miles of home. Again proving how much fun you can have with a 125cc Motorcycle for the price of a nights camping, a few litres of fuel, a trip to the Lidl for “essentials” and some friends. I urge everyone to try it at least once this summer.

For more on Sinnis check the Official Sinnis Youtube and Facebook page.

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