Bomber and the Drone

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Bomber and the Drone

Hi all, Mike here from Sinnis.

This week we have been shooting images and videos with the Sinnis Bomber 125. The Bomber is one of my personal favourite machines, and we took it to the hills in West Sussex on a beautiful June summers day, to capture some riding footage and some drone shots.

Image 0

One thing we have learnt is that stability is key, and to capture some of these shots it wasn’t practical to have someone shooting from the side of the road, or indeed from a rig – so in true Sinnis style, we broke out the big guns and shot from the back of an American V8 Pickup truck.

Image 2 768x576 1

Danny, our resident photographer was getting into position for the country lane ahead.

For this shoot we asked Mahi, one of our team who works in the IT department if he would like to be involved in the shoot. Mahi has always shown an interest in being on camera (we call him the Indian Tom Cruise), and as a huge retro motorcycle fan (owns two Sinnis Machines too) this seemed like the perfect time.

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So we started off filming at a place called Mill Hill in West Sussex, which has some amazing views over the South Downs. The road is very rarely used and is the perfect place to get that “rider freedom” feel to the shots.

Image3 1 768x512 1

Image 4 1 768x512 1

The drone we use here is a Phantom 4, which is a seriously nifty piece of kit. I bought it after much searching online to find the most capable for video and image capture. If you are thinking of getting a drone (these are much cheaper then when we bought it) for motorcycle shoots, these are superb, but they do have one draw back which no one seems to mention online – the “Auto Track/Follow feature doesn’t really work with motorcycles as they are too small. It can work, but I found that just when you are on a roll it starts to focus on something else (another road user, a tree etc) and stops. Therefore learning fluid flying skills is an absolute must to get the best shots – but the best part is, its pretty easy.

Image6 1 768x450 1

Obviously when using a drone for bikes the best footage is always going to be video and not stills, as the subject is too small to capture on the drone from a distance and still retain “the look” you are aiming for. The video for the bomber is coming soon so watch out on YouTube here.

So with Danny armed with his Nikon in the back of the pickup truck and myself armed wit the drone we were able to spend a few hours capturing the essence of retro motorcycling (and take a much needed break from the office) – if you have any questions on drone usage etc, please let me know and I will gladly share what knowledge I have learnt over the past couple of years flying.

Here are a few shots from the afternoon. These were taken at Mill Hill and at a place called Partridge Green in the countryside.

Likewise we do welcome your questions and comments on our Facebook Sinnis Motorcycles page and in the Official Sinnis Owners group. Or you can email us on our contact form, whichever suits you.

Here is our “Bollywood Tom Cruise” Shot from the day

bomber blog image 1 1024x683 1

If you are in the West/East Sussex area and know or would like to know about some great locations to shoot – also let us know. We love to hear from our fellow riders.

Get out there and ride while the weather is good!

Catch up on Sinnis’ Youtube Channel for new videos.