On Set Filming with the Apache SMR

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On Set Filming with the Apache SMR


Sinnis Apache Photoshoot Blog:

Initially when the Apache SMR was to be released we knew we had to come up with a video to advertise a supermoto lifestyle. We spent weeks coming up with different video ideas, creating a giant spider diagram at Sinnis headquarters that covered everything from creating a real life computer game to doing a parkour style stunt video around a warehouse.

We filtered down a few ideas and began filming some sketches to see what would and wouldn’t work, this was quite a big challenge as with an adventure bike or a motocross bike for example you knew exactly what the life style is about. Our first takes we produced we had 3 people, one person was already out on the track while the other 2 were in different locations, the first rider was in bed and received a Snapchat from the guy on the track with his new Apache, we filmed the scene of him getting ready turning the key and going straight out on his apache.

This idea was okay the problem is a lot of homemade style short films began with an alarm going off and someone getting out of bed which did make the whole footage look a bit too cheesy so we scraped that idea and went back to the drawing board.

After much initial thought we decided to hire out a race track and take reference and inspiration from KTM and Husqvarna’s supermoto video’s. We felt that the high adrenaline-fuelled race style video drew in an audience and not only that, it was capable and within our resources to produce.

While the date was set in we wanted to be able to release a variety of videos down the line so we went to several locations, green laning through the countryside, off roading down dirt tracks, and filming drone footage on the open roads to show a wide range of the Apache’s capabilities.


Day of Track filming

This was where the challenge began, what would make the best introduction out of the options we wrote down, what camera angles would give the best results, what cameras would we use from the drone to 3 DSLR’s and 5 go pro’s. We had a shot list and a style to follow unfortunately we hit a lot of problems, day 1 of filming the wind picked up and knocked our drone straight into a lamp post which put one of our main cameras out of action so we had no choice but to use the DSLR’s only with Go Pro cameras for the duration of the 2 days.

We put cameras on the side of the track, along with DSLR’s on tripods for fly by shots, used Go Pro’s with a chest mount to get 1st person views, motion tracking with a video rig for the fast shots, and for added effect we attached a DSLR to the back of one of the bikes while doing laps of the track which gave it a cinematic style.

Day 2 – Off road Filming

Similar techniques to the track were we used go pros, and DSLR’s except we had to get a bit more creative. We were quite lucky in the sense that not only was the track at our disposal but the whole land was which included an archery and shooting range, a tough mudder course, clay pigeon shooting area and other outdoor activities, this gave us a lot of different looking areas.

This did however stop us from seeing the ground properly a lot of the time with all the mud and bumpy terrain causing us to fall off quite a bit by surprise, the Apache’s powered through though completely unphased.

In my opinion this was my most favorite day and we all got dirty, the bikes got pushed further to their limits and we could really see what they could do. I remember one moment the bikes really impressed me was we were doing a photo shoot on a flat bit of land that was raised, almost like an upside down bowl which dipped in all directions. To our right was the rifle and archery range with a large hill separating them, this large hill was much higher than the land we were shooting on and to be safe you had to go all the way round to get to the top that over looked the whole range, you could see everything the track, the gun ranges, the car park it was quite an amazing view.

Thomas from the Sales team at Sinnis decided that he would make a run up and could reach the top going from the flat land where we were shooting from without going round the long way. I didn’t think it was possible, the grass itself was at waist height, you couldn’t see the ground at all, the hill gradient was bad enough in itself and he just went for it… The Apache powered through and reached the top going through all the grass, the gradient of the hill and uneven ground whilst myself, Kate the female model and the operations manager Mike, looked up the hill in surprise.

The day came to an end and we got some great footage, I think a lot of us grew a bond with the Apaches over the course of the 3 days, they rode through thick mud, forestry, tall grass and uneven ground, they did amazingly well on the track and not once did they prove unworthy. We will no doubt be doing more videos during 2018.