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SINNIS Motorcycles
Why a Sinnis Motorcycle?
Commuters: Using Yamaha and Suzuki technology without the price tag, these machines are built to perform daily with no issues and faultless performance you can rely on time after time. Many training Schools use them, as do many delivery companies – proven reliability. Euro 4 brand new machines are also coming early 2017. Stay up to date on out Facebook page

Retro: this section has increased hugely over the last year and now includes the 250cc Retrostar alongside the Trackstar, and also the Scrambler 125cc with its design based around the 1960/70’s twin shock Scramblers of old, but with the peace of mind of a new machine with reliable technology. 2017 sees a new Cafe styled machine in the stable, the Sinnis Bomber – more news to follow

Sports/Adventure: September 2016 we released the new Sinnis RS125 which went viral on social media, having completed 3000 miles on test around the UK, this heads up the line along with the ever popular and much loved Sinnis Apache. The Apache 125cc is the original Supermoto, and many others have tried and failed to copy its unique build quality, and reliability. Made with a Suzuki based engine, in the Suzuki partner factory the Apache has reached many goals as a Supermotard machine, being the first bike to cross the finish line on the Mongol Rally along with a huge internet following of happy owners – people are proud to be on the Sinnis Apache and 2017 sees the two new Apache versions (SMR and the SM) and the new RS Elite model to go alongside the Standard RS. Also a new Adventure model will be arriving - stay tuned

We have also spent 4 years researching the best in Electronic Fuel Injection systems, ABS and Combined braking systems to enable us in 2017 to bring you the very best in safe and emission friendly Euro 4 machines. These are only a few machines of the full range available from Sinnis Motorcycles at one of our 120+ Dealers in the UK and Europe. We ask you to join our Sinnis family, ask as many questions as you like and find reliability, style and comfort at the top of your list with Sinnis.

Sinnis Hoodlum - £1989
Apache 125 Supermoto - £1995
Sinnis RSX125 EFI - £2050
Sinnis Scrambler 125 EFI - £2349
Sinnis Apache SMR 125 - £2395
Sinnis Bomber 125 EFI - £2395
Sinnis 125 Terrain - £2499