The Sinnis Hero and new products for 2018

The Sinnis Hero

2018 See's the release of the Sinnis Hero 125cc Scooter. Using latest edition GY6 style engine, and upgraded adjustable suspension and forks the Hero is a cut above, and is aimed at those wanting the best quality 125cc on the market. Available in two colours, (Royal Red and Crystal White) the Hero has undergone many hundreds of hours of testing with delivery riders on the 'fabled' streets of Brighton UK, where the potholes have seen the end of many a car and motorcycle.

Being 10hp the Hero is the quickest accelerating scooter in the range too, and has a superb left to right steering lock, meaning that carving through the rush hour traffic safely has never been easier. The Hero 125cc is now used by many  delivery riders, and urgent dispatch personnel in and around Brighton since its release just a short time ago (Jan 2018), and we keep in contact with many of them to provide us with feedback that will improve any further versions of this scooter, enabling future continuous improvement and quality distinction.

Sinnis Hero 1
Sinnis Hero 2
Sinnis Hero 3

Up and Coming - on the test bed.

Currently Sinnis are testing 6 new models of petrol scooter, along with 2 new models of EV or electric vehicle. Most of the details are under wraps currently, however we can divulge that there is a large size scooter continuing on the Sinnis Matrix marque, along with some new 50cc machines, and some new 125cc Motorcycles.

In a market which shows many companies copying each others styles and machines, Sinnis once again have pulled away to strive towards better quality and unique design. All of our models are tested in rain, wind, snow (where possible) and sun (the best weather) and for thousands of miles by our in house testing team. This gives us better insight, and the ability to fix issues before they become customer/dealer issues.

2018 Will see the new Blade X coming into dealers too - improving on the original Sinnis Blade, which has won many awards and accolades in the 125cc Greenlanes around the UK, the Blade X will feature many improvements along with a new fresh paint job.

Simon going through water on the Sinnis Blade